Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hand wash or not

Reading from the label of Kureyon Sock Yarn –”Hand wash only”. When one has used labor and hand knitted socks one want them to last forever – right? At least I do hence I’ve either hand washed or used the special wool program on my machine (and thats feeling a little like watching scary movie).
Well, after having been on the road for more than two weeks and prior to that having had guests at home no need to tell that something has piled up in my favorite room (isn’t that room supposed to be a favorite for a housewife).
When emptying a 60degree batch it did turn out to have been a scary movie – my latest Noro socks had walked themselves into that batch. After having had a closer look it hadn’t been a scary movie but more like a walk in the park. The socks turned out to be better than before. A slightly felting combined with a softness that they didn’t have prior to that.
Since I do have more Noro sock yarn, I’ve started a new Karius using that yarn and this shawl shall take a trip through my washing machine prior to use.
Also doing something else the way it is supposed to be done. I’ve started using my machine knitting books and making samples - and it is both fun and my confidence is growing!

Not to forget – update on My favorite sweater to be

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  1. Gratulerer med prosjektometer! Du greide det din nerd!

    Sender knapp til deg på mail.



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