Sunday, January 11, 2009

An then to something completely different

I’m a member of an internet craft group. Yesterday my good friend Kaos asked for a sewing tutorial and I made it. However someone thought that Kaos instead of being a friend with her sewing machine should use Vliseline . In order to show the difference I’ve posted my last sewing project – I need to start working with the machine again.
The quilt shown is made based upon the pattern from Barb Adams and Alma Allen’s Birds of a Feather. It is completely done by machine – no hand sewing or quilting. I’ve not used the Viseline brand but another product and limited the use to a minimum. I’ve used different stitches to appliqué the appliqué part of the project. The background including the flying geese border are all made as ordinary patchwork.

I’ve started to machine quilt it by using my Artista 730, the BSR foot and variegated thread, but have not completed it. What you see on the pictures is work done over a 3 days period half a year ago. I really need to finish it up and start using my fabric again.


  1. Stikig quilt, lykke til med ferdigstillelsen :)

  2. Three days for this wonderful work?? I have used more days just trying to figure out which colours to use.

    But I thought I was evil to ask such a difficult question without showing you the actual project. So I will make a blog entry now with pictures.

    And thank you for teaching me what I really need to know, not how to cheat or do things easy for myself.

  3. Staying at home you know. You really need to come here for a sewing class my dear.

  4. Dette kommer til og bli flott..
    Ha en fin søndag :-)

  5. 3 dager !!! Hvordan klarte du det på så kort tid. Brukt natten også?
    Flott arbeid.


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