Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stalking and knitting

It is a Wollmeise stalking Saturday with hours of grey. Everyone stalking knows what grey means.

However I manage to knit on my non traditional Setesdal sweater. I'm using Wollmeise - of course -. The patternchart however is made by myself by using traditional borders from traditional Setesdal sweaters. It's turning out to be interesting. Updates will follow.

Yesterday I finished my second pair of socks with HandMaiden Casbah. It is a lovely yarn and I think I prefer it to Wollmeise. But Wollmeise has more lovely colors which enable me to knit whatever I want with it. So even if I prefer Casbah I'll stay put with Wollmeise - for the time beeing.

It's knitted toe up, AND you need to knit Casbah toe up - I did run out of yarn on my first pair that was not toe up. It's slightly thicker than other fingering yarn and even if the skein is 115 gram, the yarn only last to rather "small" socks. I had less than a half meter left when finishing these socks. They are on my feet now and I love them.


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