Friday, March 06, 2009

Wollmeise as living room stash

Shopping or not - today not. I usually don't count or discuss what's in my stash, but since I've reached a Wollmeiselandmark I'm posting two nice pictures of part of it.
Why I need it? The yarn look nice and decorative in the living room :-)


  1. Wow.. Jeg er imponert! Heldig du Ma-2.. Får ha en fjern drøm om at mitt lager kan se litt sånn ut en gang også :P

  2. I love the Wollmeise yarn and colours, but I love your carpets even more (as I suppose you can tell by now ;p)

  3. Having to many carpets - but yes I can apart with yarn but not with my carpets

  4. Ja, denne kan trygt stå til pynt på hedersplassen.

    God helg!

  5. En vakker måte å lagre garn på!

    Hilsen Fama (HB)

  6. Jeg vil åsså haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........
    Nydelig samling du har.


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