Sunday, September 27, 2009

No socks today

No socks today. Of course I'm knitting on socks as I aim to reach 52 pair of socks by June next year. But as I'm ahead of schedule, I can "relax" with knitting on my 3rd sweater since mid August.

This sweater is based upon a pattern published in the magazine "The Knitter". However since I did not want to use the suggested yarn - I'm hooked on Wollmeise as you probably know - and Wollmeise is far thinner than the suggested yarn, I'll have to adapt the pattern to fit Wollmeise.

As of today I'm on the second sleeve and close to finish the lower part of the body. The sweater is a yoked sweater, and hopefully I'm on the yoke in a couple of days.
Flowers are inexpensive in the Netherlands. My fall flower for the week;


  1. Det er kunstverk du lager!!! Gleder meg til å se genseren ferdig, den ser nydelig ut:-)

  2. Utrolig flott mønster som vanlig. Du er helt fantastisk kreativ.

    Ha ei flott uke

  3. What an unusual color for the hydrangeas! Here we get pink, blue, purple or white depending upon the pH of the soil.

  4. Just discovered your blog through Only Socks. Love your work. Especially like how you have taken cool parts from some good designers and created something different from them. Also love the sweaters. I'll continue to watch your work.

    Jane Prater
    jprater on ravelry

  5. Genseren din blir direkte vakker! Nederlandske blomster må være herlig å være i nærheten av - pris og kvalitet er noe annet enn hjemme.


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