Friday, November 27, 2009

My journey to finally having a "Buggasweater"

I've participated in an international swap, and got some "goodies".

In particular the very light green, was a very welcomed color because now I have the color I need to make my long longed for Bugga sweater.

It is not Bugga, but the color Fern from String Theory Handdyed Yarn Caper Sock. However I can use it together with the Bugga's as it is very similar to Bugga and had the contrast that I was looking for.

I also got another very nice yarn as well as needles - I always need needles and tape.

I'm not going to use a pattern, but make my own top-down yoked sweater "as I knit".

The main color will be a blue/purple Bugga. I think it's name is Earth Boring Dang Beetle (the only "negative" I can say about the Bugga Goddess is that her handwriting is not so easy to read).

I started yesterday afternoon, and it is not a very fast project. Mainly because I have to do some math while knitting and also trying to place the various border "correct".

I'm really pleased with the threes. Now I'm on a Selbuadaption - "selbuharts".

Come back in a day or two and I'll keep you updated.
Also, when finished I'll post the complete pattern on the blog.

Have a nice weekend all of you.


  1. Dette ser spennende ut, vakre farger i nydelig garn!
    God helg til deg også!

  2. Ja, det burde jo selvfølgelig også stått:

    Hilsen Inghild :-)


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