Monday, November 30, 2009

Side tracking?

Stranded work and watching TV are not a good combination if one want to watch and not only listen to TV. Hence I need to have TV knitting as well as "ordinary" knitting.
DH needed a new scarf to meet the Norwegian Christmas. I have had quite a few skeins of pure cashmere sitting in my stash for "forever".

Finally some of it is out of stash and on the needles.

It is an easy going scarf. No pattern, no purling only knitting.

I did cast on 40 with two strands on needle 4 (European) and started knitting. Stripes is made as I go.

However as I'm limiting that one to TV watching, I did manage to make some progress on the main project yesterday evening and this morning.

On sleeve is finished, and I have started on both the second sleeve as well as the body. I needed to get rid of all those set aside wires that tended to get stuck in the yarn.

My goal is to make 10-15 cm on the body tonight.

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