Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still working

But it is growing.

I've close to completing the first sleeve. As you will see of the (not so good pictures - not easy with self timer and inside/after dark pictures) pictures, the sleeves are made with one color (as far as you can see - but they are not finished yet) and cables.

The reason for making cables, is that I wanted a tight fit and hence the ribbing and cables.

The main border is finished.
It consist of 4 harts set together to form a flower. They are knitted in the amazing color "Tomato Red".

To make the color combination "right", I needed to add the third yellow border before starting on the lower part of the sweater.

More close up of the sweater as well as the sleeve.
I'll continue tonight and hopefully I can blog better pictures as well as a completed sleeve tomorrow.

Until then, happy knitting all.


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