Sunday, December 13, 2009

Changing the project while knitting

A few months ago I did see a pattern at Sandnesgarn that I really wanted to knit.
I thought I got the right yarn for it when getting my hands on Tutu, the new pink from Wollmeise. When getting the yarn I thought that it would be a little boring knitting with only one color, so I decided to use Dornroschen on the cables and the collar. Then when having completed the upper body, I kind of got tired of knitting one purl one knit, and I also started to rethink the whole coat idea. A sweater is more practical. Also I wanted a "swagger" - i.e. more body, wider etc. So when starting the lower body, I changed the pattern to 5 knit 3 purl and also I will increase the knits as I go - making it wider and wider.

Here is the status after a day's knitting (progress will also be posted atravelry):

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