Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is around the corner

Only a couple of days to go. Finally all presents are made.

The two last ones are necessities for a doll bed. I have used some "left-over" quilt fabric with pink ballerinas and a few yards of pink yarn, spent approximately an hour for sewing and knitting.
The next one has been on the needles for a week. Finally the Wollmeise has dyed some pink yarn - Tutu. I've used close to two skeins of Tutu medium twin (80/20) and Dörnroschen as contrast - the latter 2/3 of a skein. I have used contrast colors for the cables as well as on all the I-cords and the buttons. I did see a coat on Sandnesgarn's homepages, brought the leaflet and was determined to knit the pink coat. However after reading though the pattern as well as after having had a closer look, I thought that it would be far to much work on a coat compared to how often the little girl will wear it. So I decided to go for a jacket. Also when having a clooser look - it looked a little booring, so I designed my own coat/jacket.

I started with the cable border. After finishing the cable, I picked up the stitches for the upper body, and knitted double moss stitches. I completed the upper body with collar before starting on the lower body - i.e. did sew together on the shoulders. I did leave all stitches from the front bands as well as the collar on the needle - i.e. did not cast of anything but the shoulder stitches

Then I picked up the same number of stitches for the lower body, and started a 5 knit 3 purl rib. After 2 cm I increased two stitches in each 5 knit - to 7 knit. Then I did knit 20 rows and increased 2 stitches in each 7 knit to 9 knit. Then I knitted 30 rows and increased to 11 knit. Finally I knitted 36 rows.

Then I picked up approximately 3 stitches per 4 rows on each front "band", and casted off those as well as all stitches on the collar and the lower body by using a 3 stitches I-cord.
The sleeves are not sewn together with the body, but knitted together. When finishing both sleeves I did pick up the same amount of stitches on each sleeve and on each "sleeve hole". I casted on 3 stitches in contrast color and knitted the sleeve together with the body using an I-cord that is attached to the body at one end and the sleeve at the other end.
Finally I finished up by covering the buttons with crochet stitches and adding one bead in the middle of each button.


  1. Denne var bare helt utrolig lekker!!! Datteren min hadde fått helt dilla hadde hun sett denne:)

  2. Just amazing as I knew it would be! I love everything and the colors and buttons are beautiful.


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