Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nå har vi vaska golvet og vi har ..... It is the big Holiday Season

It is the last day before Christmas. Here in Norway the "big" day is the 24. It is cold outside and white. A peek through the living room window. We are in an old log cabin house in the Norwegian country side. It smells, looks and taste like old, traditional Christmas.
Two of the three kings are here - the last one rests at home. They are also waiting for tomorrow.

Yesterday, finally I did finish a pair of socks - again. These are no 29 in the 52 pair plunge. So I'm two pair ahead of schedule and hopefully I'll end up with 52 pairs by end of May 2010. These are inspired by Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses. The chart is from the Jane Seymour sweater, adapted to fit socks. The sock pattern is a standard toe up pattern. Yarn; Wollmeise Twin 80/20. More details on Ravelry

Have a nice day all, counting down for Christmas.


  1. Really stunning! You're an amazing knitter!!

  2. Flotte sokker som vanlig! Ha en riktig god jul!

  3. Beautiful work! I am in awe of your creativity & your productivity. Merry Christmas!

  4. Nydelige tudorsokker Mariann. Ønsker deg og dine en fortsatt god julehøytid. Kos dere!


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