Friday, December 11, 2009

Something for DH

Winter is around the corner and also DH needs something to face King Winter.

I did have some really nice Campolimi Roberto Filati Cashmere in stash. It is so soft and light. So I pulled out that part of my stash earlier this month and started knitting on the scarf. The scarf went off the needles yesterday. Then I realized that he needed a hat to go with it. DH did not want to have a "stripy" hat.
I've had the pattern for the Koolhaas Hat (link to my ravelrypage wherein you can find link to the pattern) for "forever" - or at least since the Holiday issue of Interwave Knits was delivered to me in 2007.
I'm not sure that Koolhaas is one of my favorite patterns to knit, but the hat is really a favorite. All those tiny, tiny cables are not a favorite when knitting with double yarn and needle size 4 (European).
The scarf is easy going garter stitches. Cast on 40 on needle 4 and start knitting. Change colors whenever you deem fit.

I'm so satisfied with the set.


  1. Så flotte ting du lager. Herlige skjerf og lue

  2. Nydelig sett! Gratulerer med jubileumet. Ser det runde tallet nærmer seg styggfort:)


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