Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Some progress but still working.

I have done quite a bit of knitting since the last update.
First a close up of the sleeve. As you see - a tight fit finished up with a colored rib and a feminin cuff.

What I have acomplished since my last update is to finish both sleeves as well as starting on the body. I've close to finish the decreases on the body. The work left to do is to start increasing again and knitting approximately 20 cm before starting ribbing again.

It will take a day or two until the sweater is off my needles.


  1. Her raser det jo unna. Du er skikkelig flink. Liker godt farver og detaljer på genseren din. Nydelig dekor på erme og flott avsluttning nederst.

  2. Love these sleeves! Seems you are well on the way to another great sweater.

  3. Den blir lekker! Kjapt ferdig også, men ingenting av det er overraskende når det gjelder deg.


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