Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dress - day four going on to day five

The dress went off the nedles last night and on the needles again today. I did not like the neck cast off. I should have known that. A simple cast off is never great as a visible neck line.

I wonder - have Norwegian yarn companies never heard about I-cording. So I picked up the cast off and did an I-cord cast off this morning. Now it looks great.

What's left to do?
Weaving in all those ends. I try no to have those strands travelling upwards on the back as that make the dress less flexible and the back "ugly". So I cut yarn and weave in - from the front dublicating the stitches already knitted. That make the change of yarn much less visible - which is a great bonus.

Further I'll I-cording the sleeve "hole" as well.

I've made the dress slightly longer than the original as well as slightly wider. I did use more than 2 skeins of twin blue (for those who wonders).


  1. For en fart det er på deg, dame. Jeg er stadig imponert over alt det fine du lager.

  2. Woww....kommet så langt alt. Kjempeflott blir den.

  3. Congratulations on yet another work well done! I wondered about the amount used of the mc, but came to the same conclution myself. I'll pick up on the idea of adding I-cord when I eventually get there.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Utruleg for ein fart det er på deg. KJempe fin

  5. Hva er i-cord? Finnes det noen link til en forklaring? Har det noe norsk ord? Du er en utrolig rask strikker. Gøy og følge med på bloggen siden det alltid er noe nytt. Mette

  6. Iknow how to make i-cords but how do you do an i-cord cast off? It sounds very interesting. I really like the pattern and colours.

  7. Lovely. You are a fast and neat knitter. I am a bit jalous.
    I just did a workshop Buhus knitting. So I know now how difficult it is.
    wish you all the best wishes
    Constance csteekjes ravelry


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