Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy new year

Happy new year to you all and thanks for visiting my blog in 2009. I'll hope to see you around in 2010 as well.

It is one of those few white days in the Netherlands. It is snow outside - or at least the ground is white.
I started this year by finishing a long overdue sweater. It is in Molly lavendel. Molly was only available in a few updates, and I did not manage to get enough of the lavendel to get one skein with equal colors. Also I do not have enough to make a stranded sweater, so I had to make do. I tried alternating skeins, but that did not work, so I finally decided to start knitting - top down - with the most solid and then using the most varigated on the body and the next most solid on the sleeves.

I'm starting to like the project - i.e. the sweater. The quality and thickness is perfect, and I alos tend to like the variation in color intensities. However it is always the possibility of dying it black :D
It is a cabled sweater based upon a pattern from Interweave which I adapted slightly to fit my body. Also I did make the sleeves a little longer. I used the 5 skeins I had (with less than a meter left). More at Ravelry.


  1. Så flott genser! Likte fargen godt også.


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