Friday, January 08, 2010

Next milestone - 1 000 yards

Another day and still knitting on Shawl 2. This morning I reached the 1 000 yards milestone. Next goal is to get below 200 stitches. I need milestones to continue knitting on it. Hopefully I'll reach this milestone today.

The next pictures is of the charts. I need both to see the written description and the chart for this particular shawl. The main reason is that the chart does not show the decreases in the middle of the shawl. Of course it is "only" to make k2 together or ssk, but mistakes happens. When I do control for each second row that my decreases is as said in the description, I'm sure not to have forgotten a decrease or have had a loop to much on the needle.

It is on the big Knit-Pro stand - I do love that gadget.


  1. 1000 yards??? WOW!!!!! Gleder meg til å se det ferdig!

  2. Now I am curies, what shawl are you knitting?? Heading to ravelry to check out. Great work!!


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