Monday, January 04, 2010

A shawl

I collect lace yarn and lace pattern as well as lace books, but do I knit lace - hardly.
Well 2010 shall be journey in lace for me, as I've participating in 10 shawls in 2010 on Ravelry. So I'm "forced" to knit shawls.

My first one has been on the needles for a while. I did start this when I got the spring issue of Interweave last year.
But after having knitted 2-3 repeats I did figure out that I had started on to large needles. The "holes" were to big. Did I frog it immedeately - no - it started a long rest in the basket.

When the challenge came up, I decided that this project should be the first one. So when returning home I did frog the few repeats I've knitted, and then waited for the kick off.

It went fast - it is so easy to knit.
I used needle 3.5 and got - for me - a perfect result. Not to heavy, not to light.
It is rather large and it is neither easy to catch the colors nor the pattern. A close up on the floor.
And a close up of the blocking.


  1. Så fint det ble til slutt. Deilig når sånne prosjekter blir så vellykket, etter å ha vært ufo en stund.

  2. Heia Mariann!
    Et nydelig sjal!
    Bloggen din er jo helt stappa full med utrolig flotte strikkaplagg!!



  3. This is a reason we should go back to unfinished projects. The shawl is just beautiful!


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