Thursday, February 25, 2010

Molly - fair Molly

Molly the fat lady in the Wollmeise line of yarn this summer. She was only there for a couple of months, and I hardly got to know her before the line was discontinued.

In total I managed to get 8 skeins of Arlene and 8 skeins of Lavendel as well as one red, black and Fliederbusch. Since it is discontinued, I don't think I'll even try to get my hands of additional skeins.

The waste pat of the Lavendel have been used to knit a cabled sweater, and I have for a time tried to find a perfect pattern for the remaining skeins.

Then the newest issue of Knitter's magazine reached my house and in it was a really plain dress with a fair-isle border. The gauge was perfect, but the dress a little to loose as well as a little to boring.

Loose is not a problem at all - it is only a matter of decreasing/increasing prior to and after the (for me slightly disappearing) waist line. I’ve done that (decreasing/increasing) on my WM tunica knitted earlier this year.

Repeating part of the pattern at the yoke would make it less “dull”.

I 've also added the lavendel I-cord, to pick up the pattern colors as well as to add a design element to the dress.

So I started.

I’ve casted on for large and decreased down to fewer stitches than small.

The extra stitches on large make it more wearable and the skirt part better.

The decreases are done during the last 10 cm prior to the waist line.

When starting the decreases I realized that the color started to pool. I thought that this might make a fun effect and unraveled back to where I started the decreases – and changed yarn. A couple of the skeins had more purple in them than the rest and was also slightly lighter. I changed to one of these and re-knitted the waist section of the dress and then changed back to the slightly darker/semisolid Arlene.


  1. Så nydelig den var! Likte fargespillet i den kjempegodt.

  2. Nyyyyyyyyyyyydelig!!!!! Denne må du bruke masse ;)
    Flotte sokker i innlegget under her også :)

  3. Mariann, you and your knitting are truly inspirational.

  4. I can't believe you think that is a simple project, considering that it has both fair isle and shaping. It is beautiful!

  5. Denne tunikaen er bare heeeelt nydelig!!!!

    En dag Kozemor.... når magen er innenfor puppene, da kan du lage deg en sånn også *ler*

    Ha en flott dag!


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