Sunday, February 28, 2010

Restarting the project

Yesterday I "re-started" the dress. .
As it was a really long evening/night watching sports on TV (more correctly hearing and looking up when needed), I did manage to get quite a fair share of knitting done
For me that is essensial after frogging. If not, the project will be on the shelf forever and then probably never back on the needles again. I'm planning to do this dress rather quickly. You may follow the progress here

It is going to be a rather warm dress, as it is knitted with double strands and due to the pattern - an all over stranded pattern - there is always two strands travelling at the back.

If you look closely you will see that the color changes. I'm planning to go from dark red to very light grey through "dark pink".

The yarn is Wollmeise - of course. Based upon earlier experience with double yarn, the colors and strands will blend better after washing and also the changing of yarn will not be as visible as it currently is. It is not the best picture of the colors. I can't manage to get thrue Wollmeise colors when making photo of my knitting. I wonder if anyone can?


  1. Oh! I have doing the same pattern for a vest. dep blue and cream. It progress at 70%. I hope finish it before april or in two weeks. I love this jackard.
    Good knitting!

  2. Ser ut til å bli en veldig flott kjole!! Nydelig jakke i innlegget under også!


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