Friday, February 26, 2010

Use of leftovers

Never thow away anything, in particular yarn.
I did have close to 3 skeins of Molly left after my dress. A such small amount that it would not be suitable for anything - or would it. Also one of the skeins was quite different in color compared to the two other.

However I did have a skein of 100% sockwolle that macthed the color. So yesterday I started a cardi for Ingvild. Needle 4 and fast. As you will see, the lower part of the sleeves are lighter in intensity than the rest of the cardi. However one often have different colors, so why not. It did work well combining two strands of sockwolle with Molly.

The yoke is made of different scraps from earlier projects. So a little more than one day knitting, yarn that would have been sitting in my stash forever is turned into an everyday cardi for a little girl.
The pattern is from Debbie Bliss. More at my project page


  1. NYDELIG!! Og tunikaen iforrige innlegg var RÅÅÅLEKKER!!!

    Kos deg og ha ei herlige helg!

    Vibbedille hilser hehe ;))

  2. Great use of yarn from your stash.

  3. Nydelig jentecardi!
    Du er så kjapp med pinnene!


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