Monday, March 29, 2010

Always more socks

My creation, originally uploaded by Ma-2.

I've earlier posted that I do participat in Sock Madness 4. I've been away the last week. Since the release of the second sock was due last week, I did bring with me some yarn. However on Friday, when I got the pattern, the only yarn awailable was Noro Kuyreon Sock and Wollmeise. I did try to knit the requested gauge with Noro, but that did not work.

I did not expect that, so since the only yarn I had on Friday and Saturday was the Noro and the WM, I did start making a pair of sock that would not meet the criterias of the competition - as I casted on 84 and not 70 stitches and used needle 2. The red and blue socks are named Hot Beans.

So I needed to knit another pair - when I had yarn that would work well. I did manage to get some yarn on Sunday afternoon, and started the other pair - the Pea Soup and Easter Egg socks.
I did travel home today, and so did my knitting. I finished the last stitches in the car (not driving myself though) from Schiphol to Haag.

Two more pair done, I'm on 44 pairs in the 52 ppIII plunge, and I'm also through to round 3 of the madness.


  1. Oh! You love knit! It's a passion for you.
    Socks are brilliant!

  2. Hot beans reminds me more of hot kisses (the lips).

  3. What a great pattern. If you knit it with brown tones, it would be like a coffee bean!

  4. Kjempefine sokker i nydelige farger :-)

  5. Du strikker jo de mest fantastiske sokkene!

  6. On April 5, I awarded your blog an award. Details are on my blog at I do love your sense of design and eagerly await new entries from you. Thank you for being so helpful to those of us limited to English only.


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