Friday, March 05, 2010

The little Black Dress

Spring. When spring is in the air, I’m in the mood for new clothes. I was indeed a good girl two days ago and did do a major spring cleaning (out) of my closet. So now I have lots of space for new goodies.
The first to get in there is my Little Black Dress.
Every woman needs a black dress. But when knitting, knitting a dress in black is indeed boring. I would never have gotten it off the needles. Also I wanted to play a little, so I decided upon one of the cover garments from Vouge 25 year’s anniversary. (It is free if you log on to Vouge Knittings net page). The “original” was not knitted in wool, and I wanted wool – as this is a dress that I do not use in summer and also I wanted an everyday dress that I can use at work.
The yarn is Wollmeise. I started with Molly at the bottom, changed to two threads of Twin in MonCherie and black (4 strands in total) when I started on the chart. There are no decreases before the arm hole. The shaping is done by changing needles – from 5 to 3.75. I did change to Magnolie – all three intensities, by changing one “color” tread each time. Approximately half way up I changed to 100% superwash yarn that is slightly thinner.

The colors are Mon Cherie, Magnolie dark, medium and light, Maus jong light and medium.
The trimming is made in black 100% superwash held double. I’ve made 3 (6 round) garter stitch and then casted of using a 3 stitches I-cord. On every garter round I did do decreases to make the armholes and neck line more fitted.
And I was aware of the fact that changing color would be visible when doing so “big leaps” as I did do. But it is intended and also placed where I intended it to be placed. More at Ravelry.


  1. Kjempe fin kjole. Du er ein resar med pinnane.

  2. Kjempeflott kjole...skjønner ikke hvordan du klarer å produsere så mye flott på så kort tid ;o))) Ha en flott helg !

  3. I fave it in ravelry, and I still need to say you it's gorgeous. I hope finish my vest this week but i think it wont be like your dress. Congratulations!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Så flott, strikker du i søvne også? Ha en flott helg!

  6. Flott kjole og jeg likte fargene spesielt godt;)
    Lykke til med neste prosjekt;)

  7. Whilst exploring Ravelry today, I came across your amazing work! As a fairly new knitter, I was so inspired! Just lovely!

  8. Wow!! This is absolutely striking! You look lovely in it, too. What a wonderful project.

  9. beautiful!!
    Love the colors you choice !!!


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