Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Noro - a never ending love/hate relationship

I do like the colors of Noro but I can’t see eye to eye with all the breaks, knots and non-regular color changes. Yes I do like the color changes, but I don’t like to find a break and then the yarn restarts in a complete different section of the “dying”/”spinning” color pattern. Hence Noro tends to stay put in my stash. However, the yarn is rather expensive and far too expensive to remain staying put in stash. So I’m always “in search” of a pattern that I can use together with the Noro.

The helleborus-yoke is such pattern. I started out yesterday while waiting on the release of the first pattern in this year’s sock madness. Still the sock madness pattern is not released, so may be I get a new cardi tomorrow.

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  1. Heisan, du har en slik flott ispirerende blogg, er det greit at jeg legger deg til min liste?
    Ha en fin ettermiddag hos deg.


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