Friday, March 12, 2010

Socks – always more socks

I have signed up on Sock Madness. As I might have a problem finishing in time during the next round and thus there hardly any possibilities to go on to round 3, I needed, for myself to finish fast. First pair finished around 14 hours after release of the pattern. Easy and fast knit – and I did not spend all 14 hours knitting – may be around half or a little more.

The first pair is knitted in selfstriping Bugga. More at Ravelry.
Speaking of socks, I do have lots of yarn in my stash. Of course I have. Some of that is quite a few skeins of Noro. I have a love/hate relationship to that yarn, thus it tend to be staying put. When I did dig out the yarn for the cardi I’m currently knitting, my eyes spotted Silver Thaw. This yarn has 25 % nylon and can be used for socks.
I used needle 3.75, casted on 48 stitches and started knitted. The pattern was made up as I knitted. Fast and fun, except for all those knots. It was not possible at all to get two identical socks from two balls of yarn.


  1. Kjempefine sokker i NYDELIGE farger :o)

  2. Flotte sokkar i nydelige fargar :) Tunikaen/kjolen din er også kjempelekker :) Ha ei fin helg.

  3. Lovley display of colours. Sometimes I wish I could get interested in knitting socks but unfortunately not so far.

  4. You made up the sock pattern as you went? That is amazing! Both pairs are gorgeous.

    I think I'm going to stay away from Noro! It is beautiful but I don't think I could deal with the frustration!


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