Sunday, March 21, 2010

Using stash

Approximately 2 years ago I went to a fair in London and did buy a little to many skeins of pink and blue yarn. The reason was of course - a bargain as well as that the yarn has a very high cashmere content. Bug pink and pale blue - that's not for me. So currently I'm knitting on sweaters for the twins. The blue is finished and the pink is on the needles. I'll post description when I've finished the second one.


  1. Elsker fargekomboen din! Gleder meg til fortsettelsen!

  2. Mariann, I too have found that my stash of yarn is too big, particularly sock yarn. It's hard to resist a bargain, particularly when you are old enough to remember times when yarn could not be bought and you unraveled old garments and reknit them into something new. After all there might be another war. So I am seriously attempting to get my sock yarn stash under control. You have done marvelous things lately with your stash diving. I am always amazed at the speed with which you knit. Renate

  3. Flott genser! Venter spent på instruksjonen så jeg kan prøve meg på en slik en:)

  4. Fin stripegenser:-)
    Lurer fært på hva det skal bli av...*kremt*
    nei det sto jo i teksten det gitt, må bli flink å lese jeg;-)
    Blir spennende å se den andre genseren også!


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