Thursday, May 06, 2010


What did we do during our vacation?

Driving a lot - DC to Norfolk. Then I used Delta to get to St Louis while DH drove a few days later. Then form St Louis through some back roads of Arkansas to Memphis, via Nashville to Maryland's Howard County and then back to Dulles.

Anything else?
Th Spring Fling of course and more yarn at Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.

Vacation, originally uploaded by Mariann-An.

Anything else? Oh yes, seeing a lot, having fun, and of course buying tha toy Ipad. And I did buy some yarn as well


  1. Sounds like tons of fun!
    And a suitcase full of yarn :-) I envy you!

  2. Wow, her var det mye lekkert i kofferten du :-)

  3. It was so fun to have you here! And I'm glad to know that you arrived home, safe and sound. (I ordered an iPad after the Fling, too. I blame Shannon for showing hers to me at breakfast one morning....)

  4. høres nå ut som en bra ferie? :) og etter innholdet i kofferten så regner jeg med at du har kost deg ;)
    nærmer seg nå litt ferie her også nå. skal bli skikkelig godt :)) ha en flott dag videre!

  5. Prioriteringene er på plass, ser jeg :D

  6. Høres ut som en fantastisk tur! Er bittelitt misunnelig på fangsten i kofferten (og Ipaden)! :)

  7. Next time you visit the US, you may want to catch a glimpse of "Dutch Country." Holland, Michigan has probably more Vander/Vanden.... in the phone book than Holland the Country. It also has the yearly Tulip Festival in early May where you can see tulips by the acre if you don't get enough of them at home. It's the second largest festival in the US behind the Rosebowl Parade. Of course, this Dutch Heritage Festival may have little to do with actual Dutch things, just like German festivals and restaurants in the US have little to do with my homeland. And, of course, next to Holland, Michigan you have Zeeland, Michigan where the saying is "if yer not Dutch, yer not much." The good thing about Holland, Michigan is that it is next to Lake Michigan and that is beautiful country. I am glad you had a good time in the US and luckily you came just before the US Dollar gained against the Euro. Can't be much luckier when you want to buy yarn. Renate, a former German, who now lives in norther Michigan, but used to live for a while in the Zeeland/Holland area.

  8. It was good to see you at Spring Fling! Can't wait to see those birds you were working on when they are finally flying!

    - Sarah

  9. Arlene Strawn8 May 2010 at 19:56

    I smiled when I saw the pictures of St Louis in this post. Couldn't help buy notice the picture of Ted Drewes. You must have gone there! I used to live in St Louis (I now live in Dallas)and my husband and I both still crave Ted Drewes custard now and then!


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