Friday, May 07, 2010

What's on and have left my needles lately

This morning the summer issue of Interweave Knits hit my mailbox. And what an issue, filled up with lots of projects for things to wear when and if it gets hot here in the Netherlands. When buying all that yarn in US the two last week, I made myself a promise to start using the stash together with the new goodies – i.e. always start a stash project when I start a project with new yarn.
I had some Rowan denim sitting in my stash that could be perfect for Ambrosia. So earlier today I casted on my blue denim yarn. At Loopy Ewe I did buy some Malabrigo with the intention to knit Anne Hanson’s Sprossel. To make sure that the fit of the body is as close as I want, I started with one sleeve, have washed it and will take measurement for the body from the sleeve.
I did visit several yarn stores and did find a yarn that I have not tried before, Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Linen . The same issue of Vouge has a pattern for a short sundress. I did use that pattern, but made the skirt longer to be a dress that can be used separately. Also I made it more fitted than the design calls for.

During our long roadtrip in the US I knitted. I had seen the tunic in last issue of Vouge Knitting that I could not forget. It looked difficult, but the lace is indeed easy to follow. The remaining parts are also easy to knit, however the pattern as it is written is indeed not well written. The main part of the lace was knitted on our flight from A’dam to Dulles, and the remaining up and until the first days of the Fling.


  1. Wonderful patterns . You are very pretty and elegant!

  2. Impressive and stunning! Just love it!!!!

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  4. Ces 2 modèles sont magnifiques ! Je les avais également repérés et ils m'obsèdent, surtout la tunique ! J'aime beaucoup le choix des couleurs pour les réaliser.
    Bravo !


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