Monday, December 06, 2010

To blog or not to blog

I have not posted anything the last months. I got tired of posting. I might restart after Christmas. Until then a merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big and Chunky

Yarn; any yarn for needle 9 (European). I used a DK weight held double. I also used cashmere to get it light.

Gauge; not important, the only important is that you get cables that are nice.

Tip; if you can’t purl with the same gauge as knit, try to change to 0.5 or 1 size smaller needles for the purl. If you have interchangeable needles have a different size tip on each side.

Cast on - make the cast on firm but not to tight.Cast on 44 stitches.

Knit 3 ridges – i.e. all stitches knit for 6 rows.

Knit one more row. Note that all knit rows are all knit except the rows where the cables are made.

Set up for cables: Next row is purl side. Knit 3, (those 3 are knitted as ridges and are knitted on both purl and right side), 10 purl, 1 knit (ridge), 16 purl, 1 knit (ridge), 10 purl, 3 knit (ridge).
Continue these two rows 4 more times (10 rows).

First cable section; Knit 3, place 5 on needle in front of work, knit the next 5, knit from cable needle, knit 18 (mid section + the two stitches on each side), place the next 5 on a needle in back, knit the next 5, knit the 5 from the other needle, finish the row. Knit/purl 9 more rows - as the first two rows.

The 21st row. No cabling is made on the two side panels, only the middle. Place first 6 stitches on a spare needle in front, knit the next 6, knit the 6 from the spare needle, knit the remaining 4 of the mid section, finish row. Knit/purl 9 more rows.

The 31st row. Knit 3, place 5 on spare needle in front, knit the next 5, knit the 5 from spare needle, knit 5 (1 from the bar between and 4 from the mid panel) place the next 6 on spare needle held back, knit the next six, knit the 6 from the spare needle, knit 1, place next 5 on needle held back, knit the next 5 , knit the 5 from the spare needle, knit the remaining 3.

From here - 9 rows between each cable section. Then repeat 21, knit 9 more rows repeat 31, continue as this till the scarf is as long as you want.

Then the last cabling row is a 31 row. The knit /purl 8 more rows stop with a knit row.

Next row knit on the purl row and make 3 ridges. Cast off loosely

Monday, September 13, 2010

Not bloging for the time being

I'll be back later this fall :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Still summer

While on vacation, I've knitted two shawl.
The first one is a "knit as you go" - i.e. without any pattern - where I used the indeed wonderful yarn Bijou Spun by Bijou Basin Ranch Tibetan Dream Sock Yarn. Details on Ravelry. I did not bring blocking wires and gave the shawl away, so I had to make do with what I had to block it. It worked well.

The second summer project is another shawl. Here I used Bart & Francis Quiviut/Morus silk yarn held double. The pattern is Haramelis. This yarn is also wonderful when knitting and drapes well. More at raverly.
The next item that I've finished is my Austin Cardie knitted in Spirit Trail Fiberworks' Birte. I had to make some alterations to the pattern as I only had 4 skeins of each color, and to make a "onecolor" cardie I would have needed 6 skeins in one color. The only regret I have, is that I did not have enough yarn to add 4 inches to the length of it. It is on the short side for my taste. More at Ravelry.
After buying the I-pad I've been busy scanning all my pattern. When doing that I did "find" a pattern from PT yarn that, with a few alterations, could be used for a dress in Wollmeise. I've used one skein of pink yarn (or part thereof) and lots and lots of scraps. More at Ravelry.

Finally, this week I've knitted a new pair of gloves to be prepared for the winter. I've used Wollmeise 100% Superwash and the pattern is Bamburg from the Knitter. A fun and relatively fast knit. I've used approximately 140 g yarn. More details here.
I'll be back bloging more frequently in August(ish). Have a nice summer all.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I’m not a very frequent bloger during the Summer Season

For obvious reasons; I try to limit the time in front of the PC when it is far better to be outside. Also We try to travel a lot during this part of the year, hence even less time for blogging.
What have I been doing lately;
First – visiting Norway and the beautiful areas around Aalesund – Runde, Geiranger, Oye, etc.

My creation, originally uploaded by Mariann-An.

Also I’ve managed to knit a little.
When travelling easy knitted socks are always a part of every bag I carry. So I’ve managed to knit a bouquet of socks approximately size 28.
I’ve also tried the 6threads Zauberball. The socks are lovely to wear, but if you prefer to knit two identical socks this is not the yarn to buy. I could not, after having really tried, manage to get to soks that looks close to identical. It was not possible.
Another yarn that was love from first stitch is
Knitted in
Bijou Spun by Bijou Basin Ranch Tibetan Dream Sock Yarn and the pattern is EC's Many Rivers.

More on rav.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A weekend in May

My creation, originally uploaded by Mariann-An.

A nice long weekend without much knitting or handicrafts at all. We went to South France (Nice and Monaco). Monaco on the Grand Prix weekend was indeed fun. We'll be back next year.

What was not so fun, was to cross the border after St Gottard. 1 hour in line (in car), and when leaving the "island outside of EU" no-one checked any of the cars. So a long line for nothing..... Also driving took a while. We were not the only ones that have been to the south this weekend. So I managed to knit two pair of children socks while DH was driving and also the first of the "last pair in the 52 plunge" - Marie Antoinette by Anne Hanson.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What did we do this weekend?

Well the weather was not as nice as one could have wanted. Rather cold and cloudy, and rain was in the air.

The park next door is at its most beautiful early summer. In a week or two, depending on the weather, it would be filled with color. This weekend, only a few of was in bloom. Another early summer happening is the Japan garden. It is open for public a few weeks late spring /early summer and a couple of weeks in the fall.

Apart from outdoor activities, I’ve manage to knit a little during the weekend. I’ve been a member of Rowan International for a few years. Each year one gets a “present” upon confirming another year subscription of the magazine. A couple of years ago that present was 6 balls (50 g) of Rowan Denim. When Interweave Summer arrived on Friday, I finally found a project for which the yarn would suit. However 6 skeins were not enough. What did I do? Used leftover yarn from my dress and added some white.
I did do a few adoptions to the pattern. Firstly, I raised the front – it was far too low for me. Secondly, I did not follow the instructions for where to start the ribbing – I did measure my body and also took into consideration the shrinking that was expected of the Denim. I also made the sleeves slightly longer.
It did “bleed” quite a lot during the first wash – as expected. The white did pick up a little blue – as expected – but not that much.

Friday, May 07, 2010

What's on and have left my needles lately

This morning the summer issue of Interweave Knits hit my mailbox. And what an issue, filled up with lots of projects for things to wear when and if it gets hot here in the Netherlands. When buying all that yarn in US the two last week, I made myself a promise to start using the stash together with the new goodies – i.e. always start a stash project when I start a project with new yarn.
I had some Rowan denim sitting in my stash that could be perfect for Ambrosia. So earlier today I casted on my blue denim yarn. At Loopy Ewe I did buy some Malabrigo with the intention to knit Anne Hanson’s Sprossel. To make sure that the fit of the body is as close as I want, I started with one sleeve, have washed it and will take measurement for the body from the sleeve.
I did visit several yarn stores and did find a yarn that I have not tried before, Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Linen . The same issue of Vouge has a pattern for a short sundress. I did use that pattern, but made the skirt longer to be a dress that can be used separately. Also I made it more fitted than the design calls for.

During our long roadtrip in the US I knitted. I had seen the tunic in last issue of Vouge Knitting that I could not forget. It looked difficult, but the lace is indeed easy to follow. The remaining parts are also easy to knit, however the pattern as it is written is indeed not well written. The main part of the lace was knitted on our flight from A’dam to Dulles, and the remaining up and until the first days of the Fling.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


What did we do during our vacation?

Driving a lot - DC to Norfolk. Then I used Delta to get to St Louis while DH drove a few days later. Then form St Louis through some back roads of Arkansas to Memphis, via Nashville to Maryland's Howard County and then back to Dulles.

Anything else?
Th Spring Fling of course and more yarn at Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.

Vacation, originally uploaded by Mariann-An.

Anything else? Oh yes, seeing a lot, having fun, and of course buying tha toy Ipad. And I did buy some yarn as well

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Home again and a pair of socks

We have been on vacation. Lucky us were on the last SAS plane to leave for the US prior to the "big vulcano shut down". Close to three weeks on the road and indeed a wonderful trip wherein I've amongst others have been to several yarn stores, the Spring Fling and Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I'll post pictures etc. later, when I've unpacked, sorted pictures, washed clotes, etc.

While away I did knit the socks for round 3 of Sock Madness - Emma: