Sunday, April 05, 2009

What do one do with close to 2 kg SilkeAlpakka

Knits a dress.
I've used 950 gram of Drops SilkeAlpakka and needle 4. I started with needle 5 as both the pattern and yarn call for, but realized that such a thick needle would not make the look that I was going for.

So I changed needles and also casted on for size small - I'm not a size small.

First I've thought of making a shorter version to be used over jeans. But due to the weight I needed to add the last border. As you will see the cables of the bottom border is knitted separately and then added to the main project. This do indeed stabilize it.

When working on the project I was afraid of making it to tight. When seeing it on the needles, the dress could have been a size 12 years. But, and that’s the reason for my dislike of Drops SilkeAlpacka, it “grows” by itself.
The dress meets the expectations. I did not like the knitting process – only because of the yarn- the pattern itself was fun (from the spring issue of Designer Knitting/Vouge Knitting).

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  1. Kjempe flott kjole...Må si du er dyktig med pinnene:)

  2. Kjolen var skikkelig lekker, og du kledde den godt!
    Ønsker deg ei flott påske og ha en herlig tur til Paris!

  3. Ja, hva du får til! Den var kjempefin!!! God påske, hilsen Elin

  4. Kjempe flott kjole. Ha en fin dag.

    Hilsen Nita


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