Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Divided love

I'm knitting on a cardi in Bugga - Rösslyng (erica). The name reflects the color of the cardi - autumn, dark pink, purple and of course yellow and green.

Knitting with Bugga is a threat for a knitter. It is so smooth and the colors are indeed beautiful. It is my favorite - or is it? I cannot make up my mind if Bugga or Wollmeise is the choosen one - can you? For me Bugga is far much costly and also not that easy to get hold of, Wollmeise is easy to get and have lots of nice colors. May be I shall not choose and divide my yarn love :)
I've finished one sleeve and started the other. My problem with cardi's (and tunica's and that sort of knitting) is those "neverending" parts of plain boring st stitches. So I have to keep up knitting to avoid another UFO.

A peek into my stash - or part of it. The yarn on the table are skeins that I'm looking at for a couple of new projects. I need to look at the yarn for several days prior to choosing yarn for a project.


  1. Herleg farge, på strikketøyet ditt. Og så masse fine fargar på garnelageret ditt.

  2. wow for et garnlager :D HERLIIGG. Kjenner jeg blir en anelse sjalu :P

  3. det ligg ein award til deg i bloggen min.

  4. What an awesome amount of stash!
    The new project is looking amazing as always.

  5. I like both Bugga and Wollmeise though I am now dyeing and selling my own 'Knitman's Kitchen' so I thihnk my stash building form others is probably over....
    I am so impressed with your work and the speed with which you accomplish it.

  6. Ojojoj, for en herlig mengde med garn, mange timers moro i den stabelen der ja :)
    Herlig genser du strikker på, og fargen er jo bare sååå nyyydelig! Trenger jeg si det er yndlingsfargen min...

  7. The colors of your yarn stash is simply gorgeous. Bright and vibrant.

  8. What a nice and colorful stash!!

    (nice cardi too by the way ;-) )


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