Friday, January 23, 2009

New sweater to the little girl that prefers brown to pink

I’ve earlier knitted”Marius”-sweaters in Mirasol (dk alpaca yarn from Du store Alpakka). The sweaters have been used a lot and are favorites. But since the children are growing, the Marius sweaters will not last for an additional season.
So I’ve been asked to knit replacements.
This is the first one.

I've used 245 g Mirasol and using brown as the main color.

Short description;Casted on 160 stitches on needle 3, increased to 168 after the rib and changed to needle 3.25. Stopped when work measured 25 cm. Casted off 9 on each side – i.e. 75 remaining stitches for respective front and back
The sleeves; 40 stitches on needle 3. 7 cm rib. Increased to 46 and changed to 3.25. Increased thereafter approximately each 1.5 cm until a total of 70 stitches. Casted off 10 when work measured 27/28 cm.Knitted one round with main color and then continued in pattern.Decreased to 215 (knit 3, knit 2 together) after 20 rounds, then decreased to 180 after 10 additional rounds, then to 144 after 6 additional rounds, to 104 after 8 additional rounds and finally to 92 after 5 additional rounds. Rib 7 cm and cast of using the “shawl” method (as used in FBS shawl).
Part of the pattern is based upon Norsk Folkemuseum’s drawing 1008/Tga/0001/65, but the main part of it is made up “as you go”. Finished in two days.

Sorry about bad photo quality - it is mobile phone photo as I’ve still not having any proper camera that works.


  1. Den genseren var jo bare knall fin. Må ha raser pinner og hode som har klart å strikke og dikte den på to dager. Ha en fin helg videre!

  2. Spenstige farger. God helg!

  3. Den ble kjempeflott! Både farger og mønster!

  4. Så himla fin den är, både i mönster och färg. Men du menar väl inte att du gjorde den på två dagar? Helt otroligt!


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