Thursday, December 10, 2009

Being able to knit to the last stitch may sometimes be a struggle

Late spring I ordered the lovely Gaia DK yarn.

I did fell in love with it at its arrival and started knitting. I knitted the body and one sleeve and then the second. When I did cast off the second one I did see a really big mistake at the start of it.

I frogged the sleeve and buried the project at the far bottom of my WIP basket.

It slept well for a long time - may be a beauty sleep?

Earlier this fall by miracle it resurfaced.

However it is something about frogging, it is not that fun to knit the replacement after the frogging.

On the other hand I did realize that I would indeed love the finished project. So lately I have knitted 15 minutes, half an hour and so on on the project more or less each day, and yesterday morning I made the last stitch and casted off. I immediately put it together and throw it into the washing machine. This morning it had dried up and was ready for use.

I so like it. It is soft. It is warm and not to warm at the same time. The colors are perfect for me.

The remaining question to be asked is - why didn’t I do this half a year ago?

I should have learned this by now – finish the partly frogged project before starting 10 new.

More information as well as link to the pattern is at my Ravelry project site. The patten is from Rowan.


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