Saturday, December 05, 2009

A tam and finally started on "Nøtteliten"

It is windy in Haag, hence a tam is a necessity.

I did have lots of leftover yarn from the sweater, so why not use it.
The tam is knitted Friday afternoon/evening. It is very, very fast. Hopefully I'll manage to write down both patterns tomorrow - so shortly patterns to both the sweater and the tam will be posted here.

It is one of those it starts raining in a minute - weekends. It is one of those dark days. Not much lighter outside either. So I'll use the rest of the day inside - may be knitting.

A close-up of the tam. I've used the same pattern as in the sweater for the red border. However the centre is different. The decreases are made in each "arm" of the 7 pointed star. It is fast and easy to knit. And also a light and nice tam to wear.

I've used this morning to design another sweater for the twins. Nøtteliten is finally on the needles. Updates will follow.


  1. Så flott genser og den luen/hatten var jo bare rett og slett helt fantastisk!
    Ha en trivelig adventshelg! :)

  2. Herlighet så flott dette ble! Kjempeflott genser og lue. Mye godt arbeid bak dette. Du har vært kjempeflink!

  3. Kjempelekkert! Det må rett og slett være moro å ta bilde av!


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