Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New sunglasses

Spring and sunny outside. And I have new sunglasses to celebrate the spring :).

And a new cardi.

As earlier posted, I’m trying to use yarn from my stash and when doing that not knit socks or other things that I really do not need.

What I need for spring/early summer is

- light weight cardigans that can be used both in house and as an over coat.
- cardigans suitable for work purposes. The air condition at work makes it necessary to use a cardi inside when it is to warm to use such a garment outside.
- useable together with my plain/basic colored clothes, in black, khaki, sand and grey.

I tend to knit stranded, however that is not so easy to wear together with formal suits.

I should have made a black cardi, but I do not have enough yarn (except in alpacka).

However, I had 10 skeins of Sundara Yarn Sport Merino in colorway Cranberry Chutney sitting in stash. The color was perfect for the purpose even if it was not solid black. It is not eaxy t take a photo, but it is shades of red with lots of black added to the red.

The Fall 2009 issue of Interweave Knits had a rather “plain” jacket, Farmer's Market Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio.

Well it looks plain, but is indeed not an easy knit.

The body is easy enough, but it starts with a temporary cast on.

When finishing the body, then each pocket is knitted by using the stitches set aside on the temp cast on. The hem part of the pockets is stitched together with the body before the main part of the pockets is stitched to the body.

Then the temp stitches for the back are back on the needles and the hem is knitted and knitted together with the back of the jacket by picking up an equal amount of stitches from the loops of the purl stitches.

The bands are knitted separately and are indeed lots of cables. The waves are made through cabling every 6th row.

So it took a while to finish it up. It is one of those garments wherein the finishing part takes much more time than knitting the body.

However I’m so pleased with the result that I already have forgotten the struggle.


  1. Ei skikkeleg flott jakke på ei flott dame.

  2. It's a good choice. Congratulations for your work.

  3. Det var som jeg trodde,bedre bilde her inne;-)
    Den jakka var knall. Likte så godt kanten nedover og rundt lommene. Dus og fin farge for mitt øye var det også gitt.

  4. Beatiful! It looks lovely with your new shoes, too :)

  5. Your cardigan looks beautiful !! I can imagine is was not easy to make. You can be proud of it!!


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