Thursday, March 04, 2010

To steek or not to steek

I'm indeed not afraid of steeking. It is easy and fast, but yes there is a big but. When steeking, you will have "additional fabric", both extra wherein the seams are and also the additional interfacing that one need to put on top to cover the cutline and the seams. The other "big" but is the lack of elasticity that the seams will result in - unless one use a serger with over lock stitches or the yarn is that sort of yarn that really felt well (Shetland etc). Wollmeise and Bugga is indeed not a "felting-yarn" type (as other super wash).
I've been knitting a dress lately with an all-over stranded design. Of course it would be easy to steek and continuing knitting on the round when doing the armhole decreases as well as setting aside the neckline stitches. But that would result in far too much fabric around the armhole as well as the neckline as well as less elasticity. So I decided to work this dress the “hard” way – separating the front and back at the armhole decreases and doing “stranded” purling. When taking into consideration the time that I would spend to make the steeking “perfect”, I assume that not knitting around took me 1-2 more hours to make, and a far, far better result.
Well back to the finishing part of the dress. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a finished dress tomorrow.


  1. Du er så utrolig rask! Og så blir den så lekker.

  2. Snart ferdig alt? Jeg har ikke kommet lengre enn å finne oppskriften.... Veldig stilig med fargeskiftene oppover!

  3. Flott mønster! Spennende å se ferdig resultat.

  4. Oh! It's really beautiful.
    My vest is waiting to weekend to be finished, I hope!

  5. Why is it that Norwegians are taught to steek from the cradle? Here in Ireland it still seems like invasive surgery!

    Lovely work, though. You almost tempt me...

  6. En utrulig fin kjole,tunika du har laga denne gongen også. Virkelig imponert over alt det fine du lager:))


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