Saturday, July 18, 2009


Important. When looking at the chart you will see that the yarn not in use will have to travel rather a lot of stitches. You will need to be able to do that to knit this pattern. Also, this travelling will make the socks less elastic. You have to take that into consideration when choosing the number of stitches to cast on.

I did cast on 84 and the socks fit me. However I do have a slim foot. I would have considered adding 6 more stitches – to 90 or substituted needle 2 with needle 2.25.

So to the pattern.

Needle 2 and Wollmeise yarn or other similar yarn.

Cast on 84. Rib for 2 rows in 4 k and 2 p. On the next and following 5 rows (6 in total) all knit stitches with pink and all purl stitches with background color. On the next and the following 3 rows substitute pink with green. Thereafter 6 rows with pink and background. 1 row with 4 k and 2 p in background color . Rib finished.

Knit one row (st st) with background and start chart. NOTE center chart around middle stitch. On the remaining stitches make a hart pattern. Also note that if you want to limit the long loops at the back It might be a good idea to start the second row of harts on the last row of the previous harts. (Please disregard two green colors - I did not see that I've used two different in the cart. I've only used one color in the socks).

Continue with the leg until the Cupid pattern has been completed. NOTE when finished with the Cupid himself continue making “cloud” stitches under his knee and foot as indicated in the pattern. You will need to continue knitting on the leg until you have finished the last row of harts on the back. Then knit one row with only the background. Cut yarn.

Then make heel. I’ve used 41 stitches for the heel. The background outside the hart is knitted with one strand of the background color and one strand of the pink. Do not knit /purl first stitch at any row. When you have 18 loops and the hart is completed, turn the heel. On my first row I knitted until 16 stitches remained, knitted 2 together and wraped and turned. Knitted back until 16 remained, purl 2 together , wrap and turn. Continue until there are no more stitches. Pick up at each side.

I did continue on the foot with 80 stitches. Find the centre stitch on the front. Place 2 markers after the 39th stitches from each side of the centre stitch – i.e. 79 stitches. The hart pattern uses 8 stitches – i.e. calls for 80 stitches. The last stitch will be the last stitch from the gusset decrease. The remaining stitches shall be decreased as gusset under the foot. Start the round with the gusset AND the background color. On first row knit 1bacground 1pattern strand on gusset until the last gusset stitch that shall be in main color. Then start the hart pattern but NOTE start on the second stitch of first row. Continue around and on the last hart you will stop on the second last stitch of the pattern.

Next row decrease the second and the second last stitch on the gusset by knitting it together with the respective first and last stitch (i.e. k2/ssk). Continuing decreasing on every second row until 3 or 2 gusset stitch remains. If 3 – knit those together to one background color. If 2 knit those two together with background color. – i.e. 80 stitches remains.

Continue knitting the foot as long as you need bearing in mind that you shall have one red hart row prior to the toe. The red harts call for 6 stitches per hart – and if you have 80 stitches you need to decrease 2 (under the foot) to being able to knit this pattern.

Decrease for toe as you like.

If you want blue eyes find your needle and blue thread and start sewing:-)


  1. Så herlige sokker ! Du imponerer stadig :)

  2. Så søtt mønster av Cupido :D Ønsker deg en fin lørdagskveld :)

  3. de var flotte!! Og det er foresten de andre du har strikket også! Blir over imponert her!!!!
    ha en flott helg!

  4. Så utrolig lekre de ble! Digger fargene btw!=D
    Du har sånne turbopinner du! Hvor kjøpte du de a?;)

  5. Nydelig sokk. Denne må jeg strikke til min svigerdatter for hun elsker engler i alle varianter. Takk for mønster.


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